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RBC1 — License Plate Bar Microwave Radar Blindspot Detection System

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Key Features

  •  High Accuracy Digital Microwave Radar Technology
  •  Two LED indicators for visual warning
  •  Adjustable buzzer speaker for audio warning
  •  GPS Antenna Included for Speed Sensing
  •  No drilling OR removal of bumper required
  •  Applicable for metal bumper vehicles
  •  Built-In HD Camera 
  •  Cross Traffic Alerts while Reversing
  •  All Types Of Vehicles: (Trucks, Cars, Vans, Commercial Vehicles)

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RBC1 Radar Blind Spot System is based on microwave radar technology for extended distance and sensitivity. The RBC1 adds an extra set of eyes with the radar detection as well as the built-in backup camera that warns the driver if there are any vehicles in either blind spot before and during a lane change maneuver. Our system uses GPS to initiate operation above 20 MPH eliminating potential fault alerts. Unlike other systems, it requires no drilling into the bumpers.

The Radar Sensor installs to the top or bottom of tag/license plate and alerts the driver with two compact LED Indicators mounted on the “A” Pillars and a small speaker. This Microwave system is more accurate than available ultrasonic based sensor systems you will find in the market. Our kit also includes a “Cross Traffic Detection Alert” for backing out of a tight space where you cannot see vehicles coming down isle before it’s too late.

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LED002 - (Replacement Part for PS1)

LED002 - (Replacement Part for Parking Sensor Kit PS1)

Replacement Distance Display Unit for PS1

PS1 - Ultrasonic Parking Sensors with External LED Distance Indicator/Buzzer

PS1 - Ultrasonic Parking Sensors for Passenger Vehicles with External LED Distance Indicator/Buzzer

The RoadGear parking sensor system gives you the confidence to back your vehicle into any tight parking space without fear of scratches or scrapes. The waterproof and dust proof  sensors mount easily to your vehicle’s bumper (a hole saw is included). The system engages automatically when you put your vehicle into reverse. If equipped, the front sensors are activated every time the brake pedal is pressed. You'll hear an audible warning which increases in frequency as you get closer to nearby vehicles, lampposts, or other objects.
  • High Accuracy 8-feet Sensing Distance
  • OE Grade Wire Harnesses
  • Paintable Sensor Heads (Painting Mask Included)
  • Detecting Rang: (Flat Surfaces) 1.0 to 8.0 feet (Uneven Surfaces) 1.0 to 6.0 feet
  • Metal and plastic bumper compatibility
  • External LED Display with built-in speaker